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Yoga enthusiast, Mother + 2 , and  100% real AF

About Kattie

Im not like the other photographers,  

i'm a cool photographer  

I picked up my camera when my daughter was 6  months old. We had just had our own family photos done and the photographer, a friend, asked me to be her assistant. and from there I started marking my own path through this very saturated world of photographers. 

so truly,  thank you for being here

Adventure Elopments 

Coming soon

For the adventurous & in love 


I wish I could tell you these in person!

Though I'm based in Marietta, Georgia , I truly wish to have adventures around the world.

My dream states are Washington, Colorado & Oregon. 🏔

I was born & raised in New York State in a tiny town I was determined to leave.

 I started taking photos when I was 15 as a creative outlet once I moved down south 🍑


But enough about the past. 

Currently, you'll find me running around being a mother to two cutie sass queens while running a business from my living room. 


A few other fun facts: 

I have a ton of tattoos (a ever growing collection)

I enjoy cooking comfort foods.

love the office & anything Marvel

I'm a certified massage therapist & yoga teacher  

I enjoy coffee made right at home 

I dabble in abstract painting & other creative outlets

so much so that I started " Kattie & co "


Some personal moments


Convinced that I'm your go to gal !?


Book here!

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