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I´m Kattie, a very loud and very passionate creative. My favourite thing is storytelling, let me tell yours.

Kattie with Kattie Jackson Photography

I’m Kattie! I’m a wedding & family photographer based in Atlanta. I’m a mother of two sassy kiddos and lots of fur babies. I love all things Marvel and I know almost every word in The Office. My normal day is being a busy stay at home mom with Disney+ on tv but on the weekends, I’m chasing sunrises and sunsets with families & lovebirds across the country. 

Kattie with Kattie Jackson Photography
Kattie with Kattie Jackson Photography
  • I have 18 tattoos 

  • Mexican food is my favorite 

  • I was a surrogate once and will absolutely do it again! 

  • My no. 1 travel destination is Venice

  • I could quite literally live solely off of bagels from Upstate New York & coffee. 

  • I have a really loud laugh 

  • I love the smell of the airport at 3 am 

Random Facts


I've been on a long creative journey to get here...

Though I'm based in Marietta, Ga ,  I love taking adventures around the country with my camera in tow. 

I was born and raised in New York State, in a tiny town I was determined to leave. Once I got the chance, I took it and moved to Georgia with my dad. He inspired me to not only work for myself but to do what I loved in the process. He encouraged my creativity, my artistic process, and built me up when I wasn't confident in my skill. 

What started as photographing foliage and emo images of myself (cringe) turned into "Dad, I'm starting a business being a photographer". That was over 8 years ago. 


I still love what I do. 


Some of the ways we can work together...



Although families and weddings are my bread and butter, I love working all sorts of sessions. Looking for lifestyle based, slightly moody but true to color images? Then I'm your gal!


Social Media Management

Social Media is not for the weak! It's a true task & I'm here to help you navigate the tricky waters. Need ideas of what to post? Check out my content calendar that any business can follow 



I've finally added video to my services. I figured, I already have a camera in my hand so why not! Are you looking to add a short film to your session? Lets chat!


Content Creation

I, slightly embarrassingly so, love creating content. From Reels and Tiktoks to images , I've done it all. Looking for exceptional images of your product or videos for your socials? I've got you 

The Office Gif

I'd love to connect with you & see how we can work together. Chat soon!

Kattie Jackson
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