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ABout Me

Photographer ~ Mama ~ Imperfect Human

it's me, Kattie!

pronounced like katie

Since I was 15, I've been extremely passionate about digital work. I started out with a dinky digital camera, take images of random things. That love turned to becoming a professional photographer in the Metro Atlanta area. 

I quickly realized that I wanted to do more for creatives & small businesses. 

I created Kattie and co Creative along side my photography to help small to medium sized business owners get everything they needed to truly shine. 

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Owning my Social Media Management + Design business is another personal freedom of mine.
I love working for myself and helping others achieve their desires & goals for their business. It's truly a magnetic feeling I have to help others. 
You deserve a brand you love and a business you're proud of. Show up to work everyday ready to attract the perfect clients. 
You deserve to be the most authentic version of yourself it be displayed with your work! 

Im not like the other photographers,  

i'm a cool photographer  

I picked up my camera when my daughter was 6  months old. We had just had our own family photos done and the photographer, a friend, asked me to be her assistant. and from there I started marking my own path through this very saturated world of photographers. 

so truly,  thank you for being here


Adventure Elopments 

Coming soon

For the adventurous & in love 

I wish I could tell you this in person!

Though I'm based in Marietta, Ga , i truly wish to have adventures around the world doing what I love- documenting stories and creating memorable experiences doing so! 

I was born and raised in New York State, in a tiny town I was determined to leave. Once I got the chance, I took it and moved to Georgia with my dad. 

I started taking photos as a creative outlet and haven't stopped since!


But enough about the past. 

Currently, you'll find me running around being a mother to two cutie sass queens while running a business from my living room. 

Lets create magic!

Lets create magic!

Lets create magic!

Lets create magic!

other random facts:

I : I have 18 tattoos 
II : I'm a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon & Gemini Rising 
III : I used to play the cello
IV : I enjoy the smell of coffee & bread
V : I want to travel to Venice one day
VI : I wanted to work in the medical field. 
VII : I graduated college as a NMT Specialist & Massage Therapist & I'm a certified yoga teacher 
VIII : I'd rather be cold than hot 
IX : My favorite colors are blue and green 
X : I love to paint


Some personal moments

keep up with my shenanigans 

I'm very active on my Instagram posts. Want to follow along and watch me act a fool with Reels and posts some of my favorite images? 

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Convinced that I'm your go to gal !?


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