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You deserve to tell your story  your way.

Georgia based photographer for the authentic
Families Maternity Labors Weddings & Couples 


 I'm Kattie  

like  Ka·tey [ key-tee ]

Mkay I’ll be honest, I HATE writing bios or attractive words to get potential client attraction. Thats not the real me! 


I’m friendly and smile a ton, I cuss often and love talking.. maybe too much, I’m an honest and truthful mother and show it. I’m just a person who loves doing what I enjoy and work for myself. I get to take the best freaking pictures of the moments most wish they had a camera for. I want you to consider me a friend because I’m truly in love with what I do and connecting with you & your story. 




Artist following authenticity, seeking true storytelling

I'm a documenter. A storyteller. The paparazzi with the camera taking your pictures, capturing your stories. 

Inspired by connection, raw emotion & personal stories 


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Sweetest Words

"Choosing a photographer (for any reason) is not something that I take lightly. When it was time for me to decide who I wanted to take my maternity photos, I knew that I wanted to use Kattie. I saw her work on Instagram and knew she would be perfect! I messaged her and she quickly responded and we were able to pick a time and date for the big day! During the shoot, she made me feel beautiful and confident. The photos from that day will be some of my favorites forever! If you’re searching for a photographer that is very talented, professional, and kind, you’ve found her!"


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I can't leave you hangin'

A user friendly guide to styling for ANY session- my 3 hots tips! 

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