Yoga with Kattie

A passionate, dedicated, and creative Yoga teacher located near Marietta, Georgia! 


an innovative and devoted YogaAlliance accredited Yoga teacher and with extensive studying, she received her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) training with Becky Nickerson in Atlanta. 


My yoga practice is considered to be  my own personal project. My goal is to explore further into the understanding of my true self. 

After years of studying the human body and health, I've found yoga as a way to encourage self understanding and growth both physically and mentally. My yoga practiced helped to maintain both balance and relief. 

I currently maintain my practice by attending classes and working with other accredited teachers in the Atlanta area. 

"Everyday is a new reason to discover your true self. Encouraging your mind to work the body to release tensions and ailments creates the perfect recipe for self discovery. Allowing the mind, body and spirit to be worked, we learn to create a more clear and focused mind."

Yoga Alliance Accredited 

Wellness COaching

This exclusive online yoga & wellness mentorship will provide you with the best tools for you to build your yoga and fitness  practice and platform.

What do I get?

Customized online yoga classes, strength training & guided meditations, with weekly motivational 1 on 1 connection via private chat.

But there's more! 

You have gain access to my personal cook book "FoodStuff" - a healthy home cooked meal cookbook and my mini book "SneakySnacks" - a healthy snack cookbook


"Kattie’s yoga class was incredible. She really paid attention to detail and took the time to help me adjust and go deeper into poses - I’ve never had an instructor as thorough as she was - and the cherry on top was her guided meditation and breath work (not to mention the wisdom she parted me with at the end of the session!) I felt like my mind, body and spirit were synergistically invigorated post-yoga with Kattie. She inspired me to continue my own practice at home and I look forward to working with her again soon!"

"I asked Kattie to put together a yoga video for me to do at home. I have a hard time finding the time to get to a yoga class and lack the discipline to put together my own flow. She put together a wonderful video for me! I would highly suggest doing a personal class with her as well, which I need to do soon. Kattie is a close friend and just a fun and easy person to be around. She is also such an inspiration to follow on Instagram if you don’t already"

Hannah Whitworth

Randi Hensley