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Why are photos so freaking expensive!

Its important to understand why you're paying as much as you are for your photos! This tells you WHAT you're paying for & why!

Is this GIF an accurate display of you when you hear how much your photos are going to cost?

I won't lie, at fist this was me too! I said to myself "what the heck! For photos?!" and would never book. But boy was I wrong!

Being a photographer now, I've learned and went through all the business expenses, the living expenses, the purchasing of client closet dresses, equipment, taxes, you name it. I had to buy it most likely.

It was hard at first to let go of that money, but I knew I had to in order to grow not only my business but for myself! It costs money to do all the thangs, right!

Here are reasons why your photos may cost a bit more than you were expecting and what all your photographer has to pay for!

  1. Time spent prepping for session can be time consuming. we have to spend time location scouting, drive there + back, all of which cost gas money $$!! 🚙 Typically, its not much but it IS an important factor added into the overall amount that you pay for your session!

  2. Our time spent together during the session & my time afterwards ⏰ editing and culling through hundreds of photos isn’t as easy as “one, two, click, & done” . We spend a lot of time perfecting images in order to curate a stunning gallery for you. To put into perspective, at any given time I can take 400-800 photos for ONE 60 minute session. I have to go home, look through all those photos, select the good ones, edit THOSE, then curate the album to be presented to the client to pick their favs. So it is a lot more work afterwards than you'd think.

  3. Education, equipment & editing software 📚 We spend TONS on education like guides, shootouts, presets, etc. We have to keep our equipment in top notch shape as well as having to pay for things like lenses and their upkeep 😬 We find mentors to work with, editing softwares we love, but again all of those things cost money. So though it may not be a lot, this is another important factor taken into account when a client is given a quote.

  4. Living expenses🏡 to be frank, this IS my job. I got kids and bills and holy moly I gotta pay for them unfortunately 🤣 We all have mortgages, rent, taxes, light bills, water bills, you name it. We have to pay for those things. And though I'm sure every photographer would love to shoot for free, we simply just can not with what we have to pay for!

We love ya. We want to work with ya. But you have to be willing to spend a little $$$ for the storytelling, main character energy photos you invested on!


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