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Getting over Session Anxiety

With these few tips, overcome anxious feelings surrounding scheduling a session and make your dream session come true.

Being a mother and a wife, I understand the importance of taking regular family portraits. Being someone that suffers from anxiety, I also understand how difficult it can be to make that happen without having to either a. Suffer through it or b. Not do it at all. I figured "hey, I BET I'm not the only one who feels this way", therefore I knew my clients most likely have felt the same way!

SO here are my favorite tips for the most organically fun session, free from anxiety!

Tip #1: Talk with your photographer! Like.. all the time!

The most natural way to feel comfortable is talking! I couldn’t imagine meeting a client for the first time, and not getting to know them! I am a chatter - especially if I know you - and it’s so much easier to feel like yourself around someone interested in getting to know you!

And I am!

Getting to know my clients allows me to suggest fun natural poses to encourage the best of smiles and genuine reactions. Telling me more about you and your family or partner, allows you the comfort in knowing I’m not a stranger to you anymore!

Tip #2: Plan! Plan! Plan all you can!

Part of a session planning process includes chats about styling, recommended purchases, access to my client closet, and mood boards to inspire your look. I’ve found that the more I help my clients plan, the better off I can perform.

One major reason I like to book ahead of time is to allow my clients the time to purchase clothing or accessories, help design a mood board to inspire and plan the look for the session, and to try on the session outfits to make sure YOU, my client, loves how it looks separately and together.

Planning also allows for you to slightly plan for the unexpected. I said slightly!! I love providing an idea of how the session will go, what you will be wearing, where we are meeting and the time, what kind of walking will be involved, etc. Again, the more plans the better!

Tip #3: Make it an event

How I manage to get my own family portraits done, I make a whole day out of our session. I start getting ready early to eliminate feeling rushed. I lay out all the outfits the night before and have everything planned before the day of the session. Making sure you make the session planning and day of process enjoyable is also part of the process. Because remember, reoccurring portraits of yourself, your family, you partner, is beyond worth it! Heres my schedule when I have a session for my family

Night before: Lay out the clothes, make sure the shoes are ready to go, and session details are confirmed. (ex: session starts at 7 pm at the park)

wake up: breakfast, coffee, and family time

around lunch time : Mom starts to get ready! I take the longest, so I start to get ready first so the easy ones can be finished closer to leaving! Get my daughter ready, and then get the car ready as the husband gets ready!

before we leave: make sure we are on time, know where to park and meet our photographer, and have what I need for my session (ex: letter board, toy for a baby, etc)

arrival: I like to show up early to allow for parking, traffic, walking to location, and allowing me and the family to get ready for the session.

after the session: pay our final payments and then its relax time- either we say, we " go out to dinner because we look nice" or its "lets go home and get in the shower and some pjs"

I am ALWAYS guaranteed to feel that my session was productive, produces some gorgeous portraits, and that I truly enjoyed myself by following that exact schedule above.


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