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5 Reasons I'm a Photographer

Want to know why I became a photographer? Read along to discovering the five main reasons I am a photographer.

photo by: Moments by Monica
Hey! It's me, Kattie, your photographer!

Becoming photographer felt like something so natural for me. I was always catching the light somewhere and that really encouraged me to admire and adore the natural things in life and by adore I mean, capture every moment of light that I could.

Outside of naturally fitting in the world of photography, I wanted to work for myself and create a lasting business with photography.

Below are my top 5 reasons that I worked hard to became a photographer!

1. Connection

As humans, we crave connection. Be it that we want closer friendships, closer family, or finding your spouse, Connection is the key to all of us. Allowing someone like a photographer to enter your life, capture invaluable moments, and trust that they can deliver your dream portraits to be, is no easy hurdle to jump in the trust department.

But it is so worth it.

As a photographer, I encourage my clients to ask me questions, pick apart my brain, and get to know me! I also ask my clients to engage naturally as they would any other time (give or take a few posed portraits here or there).

My style of photographer is very lifestyle oriented.

I love the moodiness, the greatness, the love, and the hurt. Any and every moment is worth capturing and in that, a photographer like me is always needed.

Remember the last time you wanted a photo to capture a moment? Did you have to take a selfie or ask a stranger to capture it? Sucks, right? I can't tell you how many times as a mother I wish I had a second me just to capture the moments of light and love I share with my daughter. (now, when my husband is home he does a fairly good job)

I'm talking about the moments that look like these

Hiring me, you'll have the comfort, the trust, and the connection you're desiring from a photographer. I want to connect with you - my clients and my friends - to help you treasure the most rare and valuable moments in your life.

2. Capturing a moment

Moments are to be truly cherished in life. As we all know, life is short and can't be missed! My motto, "capturing life as it happens" rings loud and true throughout my business. I want to be there, for the good and the bad, the best moments of your life and even sometimes the saddest. Capturing a minute, a second, a moment in time, is worth a thousand words. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can replace a moment in time.

I speak from experience. As I was preparing to welcome my son, I asked a friend Chelsea Reid to capture the Labor and delivery of my son. My son has since passed. (Those journals are a few posts back. You can see them here). Moments by Monica captured the last photo of the set.

I treasure, and I mean truly treasure, the photos she took for me. I have nothing more than a true moment capture in time.

Not every story is like mine, but every story is important to capture.

3. Sharing a vision

Being on the same page as my clients, and understanding the vision they are seeing and wanting in their portraits, its a huge part of my work ethic.

Being a photographer allows me to work hard to capture the portraits in such a way that truly encapsulates the vision every client desires. Working together to plan and execute a session is such an exciting process. I can't wait to get home and edit the sneak peaks and send them typically within 24-48 hours of our session, because I KNOW how much you want to see your photos.

Executing the vision and presenting the finished portfolio is the cherry on top. It's my finished product, the vision we both created, wrapped in a beautiful digital portfolio website. Being able to share these portraits straight from the site or order the greater quality of prints delivered right to your door, makes connecting so much easier.

View a sample gallery here

Password: Blog2020

4. Telling a Story

My Job is to tell a story, your story, as my clients. Take the time to step away from life and its crazy hectic rhythms to schedule a session is the first step in investing in your story and family.

Allowing me to document you and your person/ people living in the moment. With my simple suggestions of poses, every moment is document and shows true emotions. Never taking a moment for granite, I am to document as deliver your story as is. I want your final portrait album to show how dedicated I am to telling it how it is, how your story is.

Not really a extrovert family? Get shy easily? That's nothing to worry about. I like to engage with you and share bits of myself with you in order to gain trust and show you that I too am human. I have emotions and vibes, whatever you call them, all the time. My story is intense, complicated, and crazy at times. I KNOW that most families have the exact same things. I'm not there to judge, I'm not there to make you feel anything less than important to me.

Capturing moments like this, makes telling your story, getting to know me, and allow me into your lives, is so worth it.

5. Valuing the present

Nothing is more important than the present. As I said above, capturing the moment is important to me within my worth ethic. I'm focus on never taking the moment for granted and capture as many of those treasured moments with my camera.

Providing keepsake memories and moments in time, not only allows me to document history and tell your story, but it allows me to encapsulate that moment forever in time and allowing you to return back to a feeling, a smell, that exact moment in time. Allowing you to become a momentary time traveler.

If you're still with me by now, thank you, but I want to keep it real. These five reasons, connection, sharing a vision, valuing the present, telling a story, and capturing a moment, are the true reasons I do what I do. The level of commitment I want to provide to my clients by dedicating myself to truly working for these reasons, is beyond compare. I've never worked so hard to provide to you, my clients and friends, the best of the best of your moments in time turned forever treasured portraits.

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