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Convince Your Spouse to Invest!

Read the perfect ways to convince your spouse to investing in a family session

Hey Friends!

Are you aching to have a family session but your spouse just won't agree or doesn't like them?

Lets convince them!

Start with talking about how much portraits means to you

There are sadly many reasons why some spouses don't agree to a session. "We can't afford it" "It won't be fun" "I don't take good photos" etc etc etc. I can go on with the reasons why they don't want to. But lets talk to them about why YOU want to.

Investing in the family, preserving the best memories together, and displaying beautiful family portraits on the walls of your home are reasons why I want to do a family session so I know that most would agree with me.

Begin to express how much you want to capture the precious moments your family has together. Memories can last but nothing beats having portraits taken that aren't selfies or photos you took on your cellphone. On top of gaining such beautiful portraits, you then can display them in your home together for everyone, and you, to see!

Talk about where the money is coming from & how you are supplementing towards this investment

Investing in a family session requires a bit of sacrifice to save for. For me, I'm a stay at home mom. I don't have an income coming in. BUT I do know that I saved money at the grocery store and I didn't do my hair or nails this month. I know there are little ways that I saved to help in my part in investing in the family. For you, my client, I know the circumstances may be different. However, explaining how you've dedicated time and sacrificed small things here or there to start saving up for your dream session!

Explaining all that you'll receive during and after your session also expresses how much your investment is worth. During our session, you won't even know you're being posed or having a photographer snap portraits of you. I strive to have fun and capture more natural poses as you are as a couple or family. After your session, you'll receive 40 hand perfected portraits through a private online gallery. This gallery has a store that allows you to print your favorite portraits to hang in your home.

Talk about how fun it can be!

We all know sessions that are too posed can have a tension brought to it. I don't like that! I want the laughing and the tickling and the hip bumping, all the playful things you can do with your spouse. Its better to capture more natural moments and have some typical poses in the mix to see that you and your spouse or family have depth and a story.

Tell them that you encourage goofiness and want to involve whatever fun activities you may do. I will say, safely, that a little liquid courage can go a long way. I've had a couple share a few sips of champagne at their engagement session to foxy ladies getting a little less anxious for their boudoir. Relaxing the nerves and having fun is a shoe in for amazing portraits with real connection and storytelling.

Overall, investing in a session is important because your lives and moments, are the purest form of story telling and they deserve to be told. If you stick to the plan, stay confident, and assure your partner that your story deserves to be documented. And magically, just like that, your spouse is either convinced or one step closer to it!

Want to set up a session with me? Let's make your dream sessions come true. You can inquire here!


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