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Conquering Posing Anxiety

Do you have a session coming up? Are you nervous about posing? Do you not like your photo being taken? This post will give you a few tips to conquer posing anxiety!

1. Create a Pinterest Board

My first and favorite tip! Creating a Pinterest Board of your ideas and vision will give you an idea of poses you really want to recreate. Creating a Pinterest account is very easy and the website is very user friendly. Just search your session type plus the words posing or photos at the end (example: Atlanta couples engagement session)

2. Practice in the mirror how you're going to pose.

Take a minute to watch how you're posing in the mirror. This will give you confidence in posing because you'll start to change slight things like lifting your chin more or turning your head slightly. You can also achieve this by setting up your phone and recording yourself doing your poses.

3. Styling!

Coordinate your outfit, try it on, watch how you feel in it. Is it too big? Is it too tight? If you doubt how it looks, change it! Having confidence in your outfit and when your clothes feel good, you'll look good! Posing will come naturally if you aren't worried about your outfit.

4. Talk to your photographer

As a photographer, I provide aids to help my clients pose and style for their session. I know those are the two main pain points for them. If you have a session and you're worried about posing or styling, talk to your photographer and gather tips from them! They will set you on the right course for a successful session.

No one should have posing anxiety for their session! With these tips and a little bit of homework, it should be a breeze!


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