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10 Eco Friendly & Unique Wedding Send Offs

Being nice to the planet is in now. So here are 10 unique and eco friendly send off ideas that will make the planet happy.

We all know we need to contribute to healing the earth and do our part to make even the smallest impact. Heres a list of ten ways you can help out & still have a unique wedding exit!

  1. Popcorn - LOVE it

I attended a wedding early in my career and they decided to do a their surprise exit with the guest already seated. After they said I do and were introduced as husband and wife, they walked down the aisle as their guests threw popcorn at them! Just look at how fun!

2. Flower Petals - Cute and fun!

Go to your local store and buy some fairly cheap bouquets. Then rip those petals off and put them in a basket or some paper cups for your guests. As you exit, have them throw the petals in the air, showering you with gorgeous colors and I'm sure some amazing smells.

3. Birdseed- making the planet & furry or flying friends happy.

4.Lavendar - first off all, BEAUTIFUL option for a send off. And secondly, the smells would be divine. I have yet to see a wedding send off like this myself but I am WAITING to see it!

5.Dried Herbs- Again, one I have yet to experience however its such an easy way to make the planet happy AND have a beautiful send off.

6. Bubbles - Officially a top five favorite send off!! It always creates beautiful photos and who doesn't enjoy bubbles!

7. Seed Confetti- again, with the seeds making animals very appreciative.

8. Dried Flowers- I've seen this in person and it is SO adorable! AND you can make a paper cone to hold them in!

9. Hole Punched Leaves - This can not only be super cute hole punched hearts or circles, but it can be a fun activity for bridal party members or the mamas to do to help out!

10. Cell phone lights - lets face it, these days EVERYONE has a flash on their phone! So what better and convenient way to get everyone involved and have them flash their flashlights on your and make it like a strobe light!


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