You've had a baby! Congratulations!!

But now its time to heal! I am here to tell you my favorite products (that you can find on amazon or at target) that help supported me through all three pregnancies! Dads or Partners, RUN to get these for your lady. These products are the best and I 100% vouch for them.

Check out some commonly asked questions after the product recs!

it's mamas turn to have the absolute best care & support during her recovery.

#1: SheThinx Period Underwear

These miracle underwear changed my life drastically after I started using them post baby with my first child. SO FIVE years now!

These underwear not only contain any odor, but are leak proof undies that help you comfortably handle post baby bleeding!

They come in different sizes, absorbency sizes, colors, and styles to fit any and everyone! I highly recommend these magical things. You can also find any on Amazon!

(for even better period health, I stopped using tampons or pads and have drastically noticed my painful periods were gone and I had a more frequent cycle. so check these out ladies!)

#2: Frida Mom / Mom Frida


We all know it, the Peribottles the hospital provides us is CRAP. It seems to spit water at you instead of a semi gentle spray to the area thats tore up the most!

We can't wipe after using the bathroom for obvious reasons. This product has changed the game for me. This angled beauty is meant for post baby cleaning! And its super cheap, and can be found at Target! We all know you love to walk around target so walk ya butt to the baby section and pick one up!

#3: Raels Organics Cotton Pads

Again- another easy and cheap target find. These cotton organic pads are super absorbent, give you plenty of space and absorbency options, and doesn't have any of the toxic crap they expect use to just use on that area.

uh no thanks.. These pads are the bomb and I highly recommend them for extra coverage.

Pro tip: if you need to see how much you're bleeding, this is the way. Most nurses will want to know if you've "bled through an entire pad" so this is the way to do it. They also attach well to the Thinx period undies!

#4: Haaka- the silicone breast pump

I wish I knew about this one earlier!

Long gone (for now) are the days being attached to an aggressive breast pump in the middle of the night.

I use this gentle beauty to simple catch the extra drippings of milk. I mean, I had NO idea how much I was losing! I collect an extra 1-2oz of milk from just simply positioning the Haaka to suction to my b00b and collect all the extra goods.

Its simple to clean, super flexible, and one hell of a good investment! Another easy Target or Amazon purchase!

Common Questions

How long do woman bleed after labor?

This sole depends on the mom and the level of recovery she needs. Bleeding can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks. There are warning signs that you must watch out for and contact any nurse hotline about or go straight to emergency. Blood clots the size of a golfball to the palm of your hand is a WARNING sign. Bleed through one whole pad per hour or less is a WARNING sign.

When can you have sex again?

Please let your dr clear you before you have any fun time! Usually, you're required to have a six week check up after you have your baby. Please have this appointment FIRST before you do the do.

What can I do to support mama during recovery?

Limit her lifting as much as possible for up to six weeks post baby. Make sure she is drinking plenty of water and eating as much as she can. Meal preps, laundry, and other childcare are easy options to help out mama during her recovery. Limit her activities that require a lot of energy and do it for her!