Your baby is finally here!

Fresh and squishy, your little one is finally here and you need fresh portraits ASAP!

Lets say you've booked your session with me! But whats next?! How do you prepare yourself, your family, and most importantly, the little one, to do this session!?

Don't Fret!

I'm here with the perfect guide to getting ready for your newborn session.

Fresh 48 - in hospital

Step #1: Be prepared & Communicate

This is a warning: You will be beyond tired taking these. You just gave birth, you're exhausted, it seems like a lot of work! But do. not. give. in.

These portrait will be treasured for years to come.

Babies are very calm and dare I say easy in the first few days, which is the best time to take your portraits. However, we can take up to two weeks to take newborn portraits. Planning your session accordingly is important for not only the overall goal of the session but its important for you to be prepared!

The first step to any successful session is communication. Constant communication about your wants and goals for this session is vitally important to me and any photographer because we want to highlight the portraits that you've always wanted! If you have ideas, let me know! I want to know! The more I know the better.

Fresh 48- in home

Step #2: Don't stress, trust me!

This is KEY to a calm cooperative baby is staying calm. They can smell the fear and anxiety in the air ( I swear its true) and the best way to avoid that is to trust me. Your baby is safe in my hands!

Being a mom, I understand and cherish the fragility that are newborns. Between being too cold, the noise level being too much, harsh lighting, or overall precautions, I'm ready to help your baby and family adjust to having your session at home.

In home Newborn Portrait

In home Newborn Portrait

In home Newborn Portrait

In home Newborn Portrait

Step #3: Have a plan for the family

If your package includes photos of the whole fam and not just the baby, make sure you prepare them and their outfits for this session.

Small yet older siblings of new babes can be a tad.. jealous and difficult sometimes. The best way to prepare them is to talk about the session before it happens so they know how to act, whats going to happen, etc. Get them involved. Ask what color shirt or pants or socks they want to wear, use incentives to have a good session like "if you listen to Mrs.Kattie(me) then you'll get to xyz" .

Planning outfits can be tricky, however working with me allows for styling tips and help as well as client closet access. I have previously written a blog of a few tips to styling for any session here for some extra guidance.

Fresh 48 - in home


With these steps laid out, and you preparing, this session is going to be the best it can be!! It is beyond worth it in the end. Stick with it, and you'll thank yourself down the road!

Need more help? Contact me here for my Newborn Prep Guide