Its time to take the leap!

Let's plan that proposal! You've finally decided that you are ready to live the rest of your life with the person you love the most - your boo thang!!

Booking a photographer to capture this amazing and joyous moment is not only the best gift that you could give your future fiancé, but also a perfect way to preserve the memory of you proposing to the love of your life!

the 3 easy tips make the entire process super easy!

Surprise Proposal

Stealth Mode Proposal

#1: Plan Ahead- Thats right!

This is the first and most important step. Planning ahead takes dedication and effort in planning not only the ring purchase and creating a plan, but booking the photographer.

Booking a photographer can not only aid you in finding truly amazing locations, styling, and storytelling, but they also can help relieve the pressure with the proposal!

Plan ahead by researching the photographers in your area. Some, like myself, have packages that include an engagement session or wedding coverage with proposals. Not all photographers do this however finding someone you love and what to work with is vital. Research their websites and social media platforms to make sure that you (and your boo that you know of) would enjoy their work. Make sure this photographer has experience so you know they will capture the moment perfectly!

#2: Create & memorize your plan

This is where the work comes in with your photographer. What is your plan? Do you have a location in mind? Do you already have things kind of planned? Tell your photographer!

However, if you have no idea what to do I have two easy options to give you.

1: Start talking about a couples session with your boo. These types of sessions can take off tons of pressure. This can also be a fun date idea that your boo has no idea will end with a surprise proposal.

2: Stealth Mode. Keep your boo in the blind and only communicate your plans with your photographer. Depending on how you want to achieve this, your photographer can help you pin point location, time, what to wear, and how to be strategic about capturing the moment. If that means true stealth mode photographer hiding in the bushes or pretending to capture a family while the moment happens and quickly capture the proposal.

#3: Secure the details

It's time to secure the ring, secure the deposit for the photographer, and secure that date and time!

Choose a date that works within your schedule as well as your boo thangs. Coordinate with the photographer on time and date! Be sure to be prepared to be a few minutes early to the session (given your nerves may be A BIT HIGHER than normal and you want to prepare for traffic and others issues that may arise)

Dress your best! Either you are a master outfit planner and have the ability to coordinate, yes coordinate NOT match, your partner, excellent!! If you need a little assistance, ask your photographer if they have any styling tips and tricks that can help you stealth mode coordinate your outfits together!

Bonus Tip!!!

(applies if this session is a couples session)

As a photographer, I have prompts that I tell my clients in order to pose or capture a special moment. During this time, I communicate with the proposer about which prompt I will be using to give them their cue to sep up the proposal!

Example: I set my couple up to take a surprise scare photo. One partner is in front by a bit and the other partner is behind them. At any moment, the partner behind will come up and scare the person in front! I run this through twice and then on the third time around, the proposer will get on their knee or whatever they choose, and propose!

Planned Couples Session Turned Proposal

The more prepared you can be, the better!

This is a special moment! And you don't want anything to go wrong! But you want the photographer to capture this moment so you again can surprise your boo thang soon to be fiancé with photographs of the moment but you get to document this memory forever to show the ones you love and can display them at the ceremony!

Don't forget the tips, follow your photographers social medias, and prepare as much as you can for this AMAZING moment!