New Photographers - LISTEN UP!

I've created an Amazon list of my five favorite photography finds on Amazon! Below is each piece of equipment with a review regarding my personal usage.

Each post includes a price, the link, and a brief description!

For those of you who don't care to read to the end, I'm providing my Photography Amazon list here for you - you're welcome.

Find #1: Magmod On Camera Flash Diffuser

ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVS!! I use my on camera flash at every wedding that I work! Its an essential in my bag for my wedding day.

Magmods Magsphere Diffuser diffuses the harsh light on any on camera flash. Separate but necessary, the diffuser magnetically connects to a flexible rubber base that encases the on camera flash.

Its fast and easy to easy, really easy to clean and store, and something I will ALWAYS carry in my bag.

For both, you're looking at$75!

Find #2: Waterproof CF & SD Card Holder

Another must have!! I never really used a card holder. I just put the sd or cf card in the plastic container it came with. (yikes right)

This waterproof, crush resistant silicone cased card holder is extremely important. Not only does it have the option to house three different types of cards, but it is super easy to close, easy to use, and really easy to store!

For this awesome must have, you're looking at a whopping $9.99

Find #3: Lenses

This comes with a warning: be sure to read the fine print, every detail, buy a warranty protection plan, and buy from the camera company if possible (ex: Canon or Nikon)

Amazon has successfully shipped me two lenses with zero damage. I was very lucky! I made sure they were okay by taking them to a shop and had them calibrated to be sure that they were accurately working.

Each lens is priced differently depending on the brand and the equipment!

For my two lenses , Nikon 50 mm was $216.95 and the 24/70 was $759.95

Find #4: Pleather Crossbody Camera Strap

This is my favorite camera strap! It's saved my back and my neck from so much ache. I had a regular around the neck strap and man did it HURT. This baby has two connections to the camera, crosses the body, is fake leather (yes very important to me) and adjusts under the armpit for more support.

For only $69.99 you can have this strap to save your neck!

Find #5 : 3-1 Camera Bag

I have never been so happy to make a purchase before. This camera bag has tons of pockets that adjust, a waterproof cover, converts from a rolling bag to a backpack, and has big pockets for all the little things like extra batteries and a card holder.

This awesome bag is $69.95!

You can find every item mentioned above on my Amazon Photographers List here!