5 Easy Healthy New Year Resolutions

Trust me, you'll thank yourself for setting these goals, committing to a healthier happier you in 2021!

Majority of the reason that New Years resolution goals are broken is because your goals are bigger than your drive! You're bitting off more than you can chew and thats when you quit!

Here are 5 easy and healthy habits to bring into 2021

#1: Drink more water

You know you are not drinking enough water. Yeah I said it! Every person should get between 6 and 13 cups of water a day! That is vastly different for children recommended 6-8.

Water is 60% of your body and is highly essential to day to day activity. Water flushes toxins from your organs, it carries nutrients to your cells, cushions your joints, and helps you digest the food you eat.

Not enough water can lead to migraines, dizziness, and dehydration which is awful for your body!

How do you drink more then? Buy a nice big cool looking mug, thermos, jug, whatever you fancy, and make that your primary drinking mug! If you noticed you haven't touched that mug ALL day, you will need to condition yourself to getting those cups of water!

#2: Stretch for 10 mins a day

This is another major one. Too much of your body is used every day! I mean it, with every movement you make, you're using a lot of muscle and energy.

The best way to wake yourself up to get ready for the day is to stretch, even for 10 minutes!

Easy stretches to do like touching your toes, side stretches, even yoga, can help increase your blood circulation to your muscles, activating them for the day after a night of rest and restoration!

#3: Mindfulness or Journaling

One thing I always regret is not journaling. And another thing I am sadly lacking on is my mindfulness.

When was the last time you practiced naming your gratitudes each day? Or journaled when you had a lot on your mind? I am ashamed to say that I've done this way too often in the crazy year of 2020- the pandemic year - the hardest year we undoubtably all had.

Pick a journal you LOVE and I mean pick something to write with thats just the way you like it and a journal you love to look at. Therefore you're more tempted turned wanting to write in that sucker every day!

Easy ways to practice yo mindfulness is to meditate or exclaim your gratitudes. Even both! Wether you journal these moments, say them out loud, or meditate, doing these each day will increase the positivity surrounding your day.

#4: Go Green! Buy Sustainable

We all know that the earth is in trouble with our semi mindless habits of using plastics and other materials that waste on the earth for hundreds of years.

One amazingly simple thing you can do to start an effort in going green is buy sustainable packaging & storage!

I love my Bees Wraps that I replaced for cellophane. I am so happy that I've found my reusable ziplock bags in place of plastic ziplock bags. It was really easy to buy these things one time and reuse them so much more than having to replace every plastic thing I had!

Take an extra step and start buying glass containers or recycling your old spaghetti sauce jar! I have tons that I use as regular cups with metal strays to reduce to need for plastic cups!

#5: Do something you love once a day

We all need to take time to be a little selfish with the last year we all had. Doing one thing you enjoy each day will ensure that you are giving yourself, your passions, the time of day.

For example, I love yoga and I love to paint. So in the year 2021, I want to try to paint or do yoga once a day! I felt more connected with myself more than ever once I committed to doing something for myself at least once a day!

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